the team

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Principal Investigator

Moisés (Moi) Expósito-Alonso , PhD

(2024-on)Assistant Professor of Global Change Biology, Department of Integrative BIology, University of California BerkeleyFreeman Hrabowski Scholar, Howard Hugues Medical Institutes (HHMI)Member of the Innovative Genomics Institute
(2019-2023)Staff Associate, Depts. of Plant Biology and Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science,Assistant Professor (by courtesy) of Biology, Dept. of Biology, Stanford University

Moi aims to mentor creative scientists that apply ecology, evolution, and genetics principles to understand nature and its relationship with climate
Moi's Google ScholarMoi's CV 

Megan Ruffley, PhD

Postdoc, NSF PGRF Fellow(co-advised, Rhee Lab)
Megan is interested in using machine learning algorithms to understand selection across plant genomes in response to stress. Megan's Google Scholar

Ken Thompson, PhD

Postdoc, HFSP Long-Term Fellow(co-advised by Molly Schumer)
Ken studies hybrid incompatibilities using computational and field-based techniques.
@Apex_Herbivorekthompson@carnegiescience.eduthomp579@stanford.eduKen's Google Scholar

Meixi Lin, PhD

Postdoc, Stanford CEHG Fellow '23 & Smith Conservation Research Fellow '23-25
Meixi aims to develop ways to track genetic health of ecosystems with geo-tagged genomes and real-time satellite information. Meixi's Google Scholar

Xing Wu, PhD

Postdoc, Stanford CEHG Fellow  '24
Xing is interested in developing polygenic methods to understand complex adaptive architectures in plants. Xing's Google Scholar

Oliver Selmoni, PhD

Postdoc (co-advised by Phil Cleves)

Oliver is interested in meta-analyzing coral genomic resources to find a common genetic architecture of bleaching resistance across acroporid corals.

Oliver's Google Scholar

Lauren Gillespie

PhD Student in Computer Science  | Artificial Intelligence, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Stanford TomKat Center Fellow (co-advised, Goodman Lab)
Lauren aims to develop deep learning methods for biodiversity modeling to understand both better. Lauren's academic websiteLauren's Google Scholar

Laura Leventhal

PhD Student in Biology | Ecology & Evolution , NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Laura aims to investigate the spatial and temporal structure in plant populations and how these inform adaptations to climate change. 

Tatiana Bellagio

PhD Student in Biology | Ecology & Evolution. Fulbright Fellow
Tati aims to understand the predictability of evolution using population genetics theory and techniques.

Kristy Mualim

PhD Student in Biology | Ecology & Evolution
Kristy works to apply machine learning models to genomics data and is now incredibly excited to start applying them to plants to understand their adaptability to climate change. Kristy's Google Scholar

Emily Koke

Research Assistant  | B.S. in Biochemistry & Eco. Evo. Biology, C.U. Boulder
Emily is interested in using field experiments and molecular biology to understand the adaptability of plants in response to climate change 

Benjamin Jin

Research Associate  |  B.S. in Biology, Stanford University | he/him/they/them
Ben is interested in the molecular biology/genetics that underlie complex traits in plants, and how such traits could be relevant to adaptations within a changing environment. 

Andy Huynh 

Research Assistant  |  B.S. in Computer Science, Stanford University
Andy is interested in developing machine learning tools for ecological and conservation science. He will pursue a co-term in CS this upcoming year.

Elena Sierra

Research Assistant | B.S. in Electrical Engineering, focus in Information Systems & Science, Stanford University
Elena is interested in developing machine learning models for sustainability efforts, focusing on biodiversity monitoring. She will pursues a co-term in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence this upcoming year. 

Jules Perez

Rotating PhD Student in Computational Biology 

Alysa Phillips 

Incoming Postdoc

Jinseul Kyung

Incoming Postdoc

Ruth Epstein

Incoming Postdoc


Liquid handling robot

MOA is interested in processing large amounts of DNA/RNA samples and likes to be very organized about it.


Postdoc or Staff Computational BioQuantitative Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology
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We are always searching for talented and creative researchers, and are happy to develop together ideas for a competitive fellowship.

Gloria, Milagros, Bielefelda, Princess, Josefa la morena Cuervo

Lab friends experts in herbivory experiments and random Markov walks.

For more information on opportunities to join our lab, see the subpage Join us! and submit your interest via this form:


Lucas Czech - Postdoctoral Scholar - Now  Postdoctoral Scholar at GeoGenetics center in Copenhagen

Salim Soltani - Visiting Graduate Student 

Diego Rafael Perez - Undergraduate Research Assistant - undergrad at Stanford

Nicolas Camacho  - Research Assistant - Graduated Stanford 

Mali Esfahanian, PhD - Research Associate (Postdoc level scientist) - Now Senior Scientist at Cquesta, CA.

Norzin Tenzin - Biology PhD student rotating 2023 - now RAISE Graduate Student at Stanford University

Ethan Gurwitch - Summer intern 2023 - now undergraduate at Duke University

Oliver Bossdorf, PhD - Sabbatical Professor 2023 

Seba Toro Arana - Biology PhD student 2021-2023 - now PhD student in the Dinneny Lab at Stanford University.

Kaiku Kaholoaa - Hopkins Marine station PhD student rotating 2022-2023 - now PhD student in the Palumbi Lab at Stanford University.

Zouberou SayibouUndegraduate Research Assistant  2022-2023 - now pursuing M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford

Keegan Pham - Research Assistant 2022-2023 - now plant transgenic specialist at BioDrive

Tenzing Kalsang - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2023 - now undergraduate at Stanford

Shannon Hateley, PhD - Postdoc 2020-2023 - Now computational biologist at Google X, CA

Kelly Huang - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2022 - now undergraduate at Stanford

Marlot Westera - Master Student 2021-2022 - now PhD student at Amsterdam University, NL

Clara Kieschnick - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2020-2022 

Katie Baker - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2022 - now undergraduate at Stanford

Christie Patel - Summer Intern 2022 - now undergraduate in Cambridge University, UK

Ru Peng - Research Assistant 2019-2022, now PhD student at Washington University, St.Louis, US

Matt Gill - Genetics PhD student rotating Spring 22, now PhD Student in Bhatt lab at Stanford University School of Medicine

Erin Zess, PhD - Postdoc 2021, now group leader in Benson Hill, Missouri, US

Jennifer Serrano Rojas - Biology PhD student rotating Summer 21, now PhD student in the O'Connell Lab at Stanford

Alanna Pyke - Genetics PhD student rotating Fall 20, now PhD student in the Sherlock Lab at Stanford

Eva Sehr - Bioinformatics Master student, FH Campus Wien 2019-2020, now scientist at Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Andrea Ramirez - Biology PhD student rotating Winter 20, now PhD student in the Dinneny Lab at Stanford

Veronica Pagowski - Biology PhD student rotating Fall 19-Spring20, now PhD student in the Lowe Lab at Stanford

Some cute pictures of the lab! our timeline

Fall 2019 Moi with Ru Peng, the first lab member and first Illumina kits for sequencing ;)

Dec 2020 MOILAB winter party (of course in ZoomLand!)

Summer 2021 first MOILAB retreat!

Spring 2022

Summer 2022 (with Kristy, Oliver and Megan photoshoped, you cannot tell right? 🤣)

Summer 2023 lab retreat in Yosemite (with Megan and Xing missing!)